24 Nov 2009

Part 2: Polish Hill (click for larger versions)


  1. i like the ol' envelope within an envelope within an envelope trick. this is so delightful and magical. love this project. contemplating moving to a very small town to improve my chances of receiving one.

  2. Oh I so look forward to your note to me (Donna) and the love of my life these past 26 years, Wayne, I want to frame it and display it in our living room for all to see! We had to relocate to Port Arthur, TX this past Spring which caused us both to stress, but our love and devotion to each other has seen us through! Amazing how he STILL "rocks my world" after 26 years together! Keep up this awesome project!

  3. We love this, especially because letters are so important to us. Sometimes the most important things in world. We can draw you a map to our little house in the northern Catskill mountains.

    The Caretakers
    459 Strong Road
    Cornwallville NY 12418

  4. There is so much excitement in this world! I love this idea. Thank you for sharing it.

  5. Excellent project! I wish you success & look forward to receiving a letter, someday.

  6. dondarragh@hotmail.com8 August 2010 at 22:21

    I thought I would send you a note.BE SHARP. I once sent a note like this to an imagi-native man in outback Austalia and he proceeded immediately to use Himself to cut down a tree for a chord of wood for that knight's tribal roast and festival. Since it was Eucalyptis tree, even though he was a single note and not a chord, he came out smelling good. 1 must be careful when sending notes. Another occasion I sent a man this note; C flat. All the world followed his lead and it wasn't until many centuaries later that they realized that the earth really was round. This took alot of educating the public enmass=mc squared to open their eyes and eye cues. Enjoyed reading what I could of the letters put together to make words and then sentences and then letters again for human sumption. Sorry I don't write abouts cons. This was a fun idea for you to send letters to polish hill in pittsburgh(I know it well which is a deep subject which I don't have thyme to dress. Very interesting and imaginative. Let me know of other project-ions coming out of your possibly brilliant minds. Fun, fun, fun. I have written letters and/or letters like this to friends over the years even in the midst of plague, famine and the reanaissance in Europe. It's has been late atonement from God that those people began to see the light about the shape of the earth, but it took sending out millions of notes, each and every one a C SHARP, to turn this thing around. Speaking of a round, I must go as my car heard someone reading aloud a note that said B FLAT and I must get out the tire iron. I hope the electrical cord will reach out to the street. P.S. Those people on in Pgh.(my hometown), have they finished polishing that hill b ecause I think it's sun collection was the cause of the heat SPELL. Another thing to cherish in correpondence. How else can anyone understand your message.

  7. Really great, so genuine, so ancient mood style...Maybe, for shortening your though task, you could consent to world people, to "tag" at some already sent letter (the text fitting tagged's mood and sensibility...)You'll spare some stamps, and I too could say: "ehi Lenka+Micheal wrote to me too...
    Stay absolutely up with this fantastic work..


    ciao ciao da Firenze


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  9. Where is my letter?
    6222 Fortner Street
    Dothan, AL 36305