28 Oct 2011



  1. Hi,

    This is a wonderful idea. I'm surprised that some people (in BBC segment, for example) don't like the letters.

    Keep it up!


    David xxx

  2. Hey are you Michael Crowe?
    I really want to talk with you..
    I gonna let my email here so write me

  3. They are lovely letters. We have enjoyed so much. Nice project!!! Congrats!!
    Love from Spain (we hope to receive one letter soon!)


  4. Thanks lenka & michael. Don't be so sorry. J'ai reçu votre lettre ce matin. Paris 19ème.

  5. send me one omg i want to be part of this

  6. this is just lovely and awesome. The email is henry_josiah@yahoo.com
    feel free to write me! Peace.

  7. hello - i just recently discovered your letters page and am quite taken with the idea. i run a monthly online zine called nine things - the gist of it is each month i feature nine "things" by creative folk that i admire. you can see the first two "issues" at ninethingsmagazine.tumblr.com -- i would very much like to feature some of your letters in the upcoming march issue - would you be willing to send me a few scans (as few as one, as many as ten) of letters? you can email them to me at ninethingsmagazine@gmail.com - i hope you get to read this, i could not find an email button :-) most sincerely, todd webb

  8. YEAR 301 GUTENBERG30 September 2013 at 07:13

    Hello potato ! La patate ? We are French students and we are working on your letters in class. We found them quite crazy but funny :). Just one question, where do you find all of your ideas??

  9. Kia Ora, (that means hullo)

    What is your address please? you can email it to me from my contact page:: http://nommoantenna.wordpress.com/3-2-1-contact/

    That would be great and wonderful. I can't wait till you write letters to New Zealand, it must be soon.

    My house has just been painted by a team of very polite Chinese painters.

    OK, bye now,


    Michael (my name is also Michael)

  10. Dear Lenka and Michael, Wishing you well. I was seeking poems or just thoughts to share, when writing someone you don't know at all. I happened upon your letters online. They made me smile and did brighten my day. Hope some joy comes back your way; wish you well.